BPS on LGBTQ+ Community and Events

Wed, 2022-08-24

Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons
"This is an important week for our LGBTQ+ community members with several upcoming events planned for Bermuda Pride 2022. We have been working alongside OUTBermuda to plan safe public events.
Sadly, sometimes there is still a narrative of disrespectful, and sometimes hateful, comments that cause feelings of fear and isolation.This is not right. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect; even if we differ.
The BPS is committed to serving, respecting, and protecting each of our community members and I take this opportunity to reaffirm that their police service will be there when they have need."

Acting Superintendent Jerome Laws:
"The LGBTQ+ Community is growing in Bermuda and the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) must ensure that our staff understand and practice the BPS Code of Ethics and Core Values in the areas of Diversity, Equality and Fairness.
In the BPS Strategic and Operational Plan 2021 -2026 under ‘Work in Partnership’ a key deliverable is to 'develop our links with faith-based communities and other hard to reach groups (e.g. LGBTQ+)’.
• I am leading on this item, supported by a team of officers and the Occupational Health Unit.
• The BPS will create a safe space supportive of a professional environment for all LGBTQ+ staff within the BPS.
• We welcome colleagues from all backgrounds to support and to actively aspire to represent all of our communities through intersectionality.
• The BPS attends meetings with various stakeholders in the LGBQT+ Community to discuss work processes, support requirements and scrutiny.
• We are in the process of facilitating an LGBTQ+ Community input on training days
• We are currently involved in preparations for the Bermuda Pride 2022 being held on the weekend of August 26th – 28th 2022."